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Paul Cox, co founder and chief instructor of Wild Geese Martial Arts was recently in Mexico and Cuba.

It was a few years since Paul and I were in Cuba to grade 2 lads up to Black belt in Ed Parkers Kenpo, the first of their kind in Cuba. Paul had spent a lot of time in Cuba training the already talented Miguel and Chino his brand of Kenpo/FMA, so he and I went over to Grade them and perform a few demo’s.

Miguel has subsequently moved on and set up clubs in Mexico. Paul was invited over to teach. He was extremely well received by the local martial arts fraternity and by the LEO’s that attended his seminars. Paul was also asked to Demo at a police training center where they were very impressed with the adaptability of FMA/kenpo to almost every possible scenario from civillian self defence, through police arrest and control to military extreme combat.

We are working on updating our website (http://www.wildgeesema.com/) to include sections dedicated to our Cuban rep (Chino) our Mexican Rep (Julio Loaiza) and Miguel Arroyo. Keep an eye out for updates.

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2 thoughts on “Wild Geese Mexico & Cuba”

  1. I live in Cuba and i train kenpo and rapid arnis in here, how is posible to write the name of frank (El chino) and not to write the name of Esteban joel the person who has grown up these martial arts in Cuban universities where mora than 200 students practicing kenpo in there, I think you must visit Cuba and knowing the truely work of these martial arts.

  2. Hello Little Cuban,

    I mean no disrespect to anyone practicing the martial arts. If your friend feels we have wronged him, then have him contact either ourselves, Chino or Miguel.

    Paul Cox spent a good deal of time on the island of Cuba and earned the respect of many good martial artists of all styles. I’m sure Esteban and Paul would have crossed paths at some time.

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