Workshop cancelled – but we got a good excuse!

A quick heads up,

The Level 1 and 2 Kettlebell Lifting workshops scheduled for this weekend are cancelled.
Dave’s wife is fast approaching the end of her pregnancy, so will not be holding any workshops for the next few weeks.

Saying that, the eBooks that you would have received by attending are available from the Shop page ata reduced rate of €5.99 each. They contain the exact content taught, with the same level of detail. Each lift is broken down into maneagable chunks and illustrated with some excellent photography.
Check them out here:

Level 1 – The Basics – Swing / Squat / Snatch

Foundation level lifting ideal for Beginners and those working with beginners.

Click the image for more details.

Level 2 – The Core – Turkish Get Up / Clean / Push Press

Building on the foundation with more detail on the Swing and introducing the finest core training drill you’ll ever come across, the Turkish Get Up

Click the image for more details.

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