Doce Pares Eskrima

Doce Pares Eskrima is the oldest Filipino Martial Art (FMA) school in the Philippines. This ever evolving martial art has proven it’s effectiveness time and again.

The training incorporates the use of weapons (sticks, knives, sword and dagger) and empty hands.

Eskrima is based around simple principles. The practitioner soon learns that one weapon is all weapons, and the principles and strikes apply regardless of what you or your opponent is fighting with.

The fighting arts of the Philippines go back before recorded history. The first time a European wrote of the Filipino skill at arms was when The Spanish, lead by Ferdinand Magellan tried to subdue the ruling tribe of Mactan Island.
The warriors fought back under the leadership of Lapulapu, using sticks and bolos. They beat back the better armed and armoured Spanish, killing Magellan in the fray.
The Filipino Martial Arts are in constant evolution. Tried and tested in tribal disputes and invasions. The Spanish were so impressed by the eskrimadors skill, they banned its practice.
The Japanese invaded during the World War II, only to face guerrilla resistance by the Filipinos, often armed with only machetes and sticks.

The FMA are now considered one of the most up to date and practical systems available. For this very reason they are practiced by many Police and Military professionals. Although often referred to as Stick Fighting, it is actually a complete warrior art.

Eskrima has been getting a lot of attention recently. It was featured on TV’s Fight Quest, The Human Weapon, Mind and Body and Kick Ass Moves.

Whether you are looking for self defence, weapons training, unarmed combat or restraint techniques, Doce Pares Eskrima and FMA has it all.

We train in this practical system under the watchful eye of Grand Master Danny Guba, a Philippine native and the only authentic Eskrima Grand Master in Europe.

Tuesday & Thursday from 6pm, open to all levels
Fridays at 6pm for more advanced students
Sundays from 6pm, invitation only.

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