Samir Salma – the Gambia


Sam’s originally studied Shotokan Karate in Germany and Norway.
In 1998 he began training with Paul Cox.
At the time Paul was using Kenpo, Rapid Arnis and Aikijutsu as the basis for his system. Sam found a particular affinity for the Aikijutsu which has since become a core part of his own teaching and training along with the Rapid Arnis.

Sam has taught in the Lebanon before settling in the Gambia where he works with various branches of the Gambian Security Services.

Gambian President His Excellency Sheik Professor Alhajie Doctor Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh was awarded an honorary Black Belt in Kenpo Karate by WGMA in 2012 as recognition of his promotion of martial arts training in the security services.

Sam can be contacted via:

phone +220 788 6446

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