Judo is an International Sport derived by Dr. Jigaro Kano over 125 years ago from the Japanese Samurai Martial Art of Ju Jitsu. It was accepted as an Olympic Sport in the 1964 when Japan was the host nation.Based on member participation it is actually the second most popular sport in the world; France has over 2 million judoka (judo players).

Irish Judo Association
The Irish Association (IJA) was formed in 1963 as the national governing body; it joined the European Judo Federation and International Judo Federation. Judo practitioners pride themselves on the fact that essentially the same style and rules are applied in all clubs worldwide.

In recent years judo in Ireland has enjoyed a little crossover activity with the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts. Although judo players are not allowed to kick or punch their basic repertoire of grappling throws, hold downs, arm locks, chokes and strangles can be adapted for MMA without too much difficulty.

Judo can be taken up simply as a fitness and social activity or as an opportunity to compete several times a year in regional or National Competitions. Although it does not always look very gentle, it is relatively low-impact and with a little common sense and good luck can be practised from the age of 6 years up to 80!

Donal Tannam started coaching as a teenager in the Dublin Judo Club in 1977 until the club closed and after a small break (marriage and the like) took over as junior coach with his own children as students in Daigokan Killester in 1990. Donal is currently a 3rd Dan Black Belt.

Donal is also a Member of the Irish Master Squad since 2003 when the Third Annual World Judo Masters Tournament was held in Derry and still competes regularly. As an accredited Club Grader he can grade white, yellow, orange and green belts.

Beginners or other disciplines need not own a judo suit but long sleeved sweatshirts or similar make it easier for everyone else on the class.

Short fingernails, toenails and clean feet are essential.
Jewellery, belts buckles must be removed and long hair must be tied back.

After that: enjoy!

Please check the class schedule for class times.

….it's an Attitude