Movement Therapy

Everyone who trains hard gets injured.
It’s an inevitable part of training hard.

However, the body is also more than capable of healing itself, if given the opportunity.

With Anatomy in Motion, a system of movement therapy that was developed by Gary Ward, we can create an opportunity for the body to do just that.

During a session we take a complete look at the body, starting with the feet. We look at how the joints are aligned in stance and how they move in gait.
This analysis gives us the information we need to clean up movement, to better align the skeleton and more often than not, eliminate pain.

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AiM Postural Assessment & Correction

Here’s some feedback that was left on the WG-Fit facebook page:

“I’d seen a few posts on here after people had taken an AiM session with Dave and they all seemed rather positive so I thought I’d give it a go. That was a little over two weeks ago.
I thought I’d wait awhile before writing anything just to make sure that I wasn’t only feeling better for a day or two (like I did after Physio/Deep tissue/Sports massage) and I’m now firmly convinced in brilliance of the AiM work that Dave did on me. Actually, the result has been so astounding for me I’m not entirely convinced that there wasn’t some form of witchcraft being performed on my back.
The session started with “tell me about your injury history” which included a bit of a nasty fall and someone mistaking me for a parking space, which put an expression on his face that caused me a bit of concern, but then after I finished he went onto “ok let’s see what we can do”
Cue over an our of exercises and pulling and twisting and my back making noises of a clunking and cracking nature and having me walk up and down in between making adjustments and that was that.
I was pretty much fixed. In fact I felt better after the first 10mins than I ever had after all the Physio I’d attended over the years.
I spent the rest of the day walking along, practicing the exercises I’d been given to do and feeling everything popping back into it’s rightfull place and since then, each time before training I follow the exercise warm ups I was given.
The only time I can remember my back feeling this normal was prior to any injuries which was over 20years ago, I feel more mobile, have more flexibility and I no longer sound like a bag of microwave popcorn when I get up and walk around first thing in the morning.
As such, I cannot recommend AiM with Dave enough, if you have any issues then go see him, do a session and I’m sure you’ll see an immediate improvement.
Still not convinced it wasn’t witchcraft though….”
Dave Hennessy

AiM Postural Assessment & Correction

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