Kettlebell Workshop Manual Level 1


Kettlebells are probably the most versatile of all training equipment.
Since they were brought into the public eye by Pavel Tsatsouline and his RKC (now SFG) training methods, their popularity has boomed.
And rightly so.

In this manual you will learn:

– Basic Joint Mobility
– Step by Step how to for the Kettlebell Swing
– Detailed Instructions on the Goblet Squat
– The Military or Strict Press
– Breathing
– Sample workouts
and more.

Our own Strength & Conditioning coach, Dave Hedges, is one of Irelands leading experts in the use of kettlebells for all avenues of fitness.
Dave has trained under legends of the field including Steve Cotter & Vasily Gincko and has competed many times in Kettlebell sport.
Between this and the hundreds of clients he’s trained, you can rest assured that the info in this book is of the highest standard.

Each page is full of detailed descriptions with colour photographs in support.

And while no book can replace a good coach, this is eBook is probably the next best thing!

….it's an Attitude