Kettlebell Workshop Manual Level 3


The Level 3 manual covers the two most technical lifts in the world of Kettlebell Lifting.

Both the Jerk and the Snatch are the lifts that lifters test in Kettlebell Sport, a gruelling event to see who can complete the most reps in a given time span, usually 10 minutes.

Outside of competition, these lifts are still a great addition to any training program.
Between them the whole body is trained to develop strength, power and endurance.

In fact if all you ever train is the Snatch, Jerk and Squat, you’ll be fitter and more vital than almost everyone else you come across.

These technical lifts are broken down in great detail here and shown with stepping stone drills that can be used to better develop the technique.

Neither lift is to be rushed, but with patient practice, they are two of the best drills you will ever learn.

Also in the manual:

Loaded mobility
A discussion on styles
Sample workouts
and more

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