Online Self Defence Training Course
Learn simple, effective self defence strategies at your own pace in any location
In this partnership between Wild Geese head coach Dave Hedges and the Virtual Training Centre

The Basics of Self Defence

Self Defence does not need to be complicated.
It can be broken down into a set of easy to follow principles, that are categorised into Avoi, Evade and Confront.
This course covers each category in a clear, easy to follow format that you can study anywhere, anytime.

It's Not All Physical

Good self defence revoles around prevention. 
Module 1 focuses on just this.
You will learn simple principles that you can apply in any scenario that will help keep you and those around you safe from harm.
You wil also learn about the fear response and how you can learn to overcome it

But if it does get physical..

Modules 2 and 3 deal with the physical
Simple proven strategies are taught using easy to follow video instruction.
You will learn:
3 Strikes
2 Defences
1 Attitude
Easy to learn, easy to retain, and if practiced diligently, give you the best chance to stay safe


Expert Tuition and Support

The courses have been created by lifetime martial arts student, former nightclub doorman, security consultant and fitness coach Dave Hedges

The techniques and tactics taught are a distillation of his own training and experience.


There is no fluff or filler in thes courses, everything is designed to be immediately applicaple, in any situation you find yourself in.

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